NE Scientific develops state-of-the-art software for simulating the physics taking place during ablations. By providing this technology to physicians directly and through strategic partnerships, our goal is to render percutaneous ablation possibly the best form of cancer treatment, simplifying the work for physicians, improving the outcomes for patients, and providing a side-effects free alternative to chemo and radiotherapy.

Percutaneous ablation is a common form of cancer treatment in use today, that is minimally invasive and does not present the side effects of radio and chemo-therapy. One limitation in the current practice is the lack of highly technical planning and guidance tools. Because of the lack of these tools, physicians leave behind untreated portions of the tumor in 10% to 30% of cases, leading to tumor recurrence.

NE Scientific develops state-of-the-art guidance software based on the simulation of the physics taking place. This software indicates on screen which tissues have been ablated and which tissues might still require treatment, greatly helping the physician in performing the procedure and reducing the chances that malignant tissues are left behind untreated.

Physicians recognize that software is the single most important factor that will determine how well they will be able to treat a tumor. NE Scientific is playing a leading role in developing tools that are the state-of-the art in providing surgical guidance. Please visit our Technology page to learn more about the core technologies that are powering our solutions, the Products page to learn more about the products that are in development, and the Trials page to learn more about completed clinical trials.

The work of NE Scientific has been recognized and sponsored by the National Cancer Institute which has awarded the company with more than $1.8 million in SBIR grants and invited/ sponsored the company to participate in several industry showcase events and investor initiatives.

NE Scientific has received industry awards, including in 2019 the Johnson & Johnson “Lung Cancer Innovation QuickFire Challenge” consisting in a prize of $250K and free access to JLABS @ Shanghai for 1 year. In 2015 NE Scientific was one of the 12 runner-up companies invited by NVIDIA to take part in the Early Stage Challange in San Jose, CA during the GPU Technology Conference. In this prestigious competition, 12 world-wide startup companies making innovative use of GPUs were invited to compete on stage for a $100K award check.

Besides the prizes and recognition which has been obtained, what motives us in our daily work is the possibility of contributing to the treatment of cancer by developing novel technologies. We are grateful for the grants and awards which we received, as through these we are able to transform ideas in practical tools which are used and improve cancer treatment.

In 2019 NE Scientific has been awarded one of the three QuickFire Lung Cancer Innovation awards for development of technologies for the prevention or treatment of lung cancer. The award ceremony took place in Shanghai during the opening ceremony of JLABS @ Shanghai.