Medical Image Visualization

VTK Consultancy and Training in C++ and Python, GUI Development via Qt Integration

Accelerated Image Enhancement and Analysis

High Performance GPU Acceleration of Image Analysis and Image Enhancement Algorithms

Modeling, Physiology, Physics

Modeling and Simulation of Physiological Activity, Physics of the Body

Physics, Computational Electromagnetics, Waves

Development of Scientific Computing Solutions Based on In-House State-Of-The-Art Libraries

Welcome to NE Scientific LLC

Scientific Computing & Engineering

Experts in Scientific Computing, Medical Image Analysis, Modeling, Visualization.

NE Scientific is formed by a team of highly skilled individuals, with an international academic experience, and a passion for developing new, technology-based, products. We are engaged in R&D in Scientific Computing and Algorithms for Medical Image Analysis and Visualization, and we are able to offer solutions in most areas of computing and simulation.

Medical Image Analysis

We are a team with an academic background in medical imaging research. We are familiar with the different imaging modalities and experts in the development of algorithms and software for image analysis.

Algorithms & Modeling

We conduct R&D in the development of algorithms for simulating physical phenomena and modeling systems, often with medical applications. We have an expertise in the development of FEM codes for most physics problems.

Performance Computing

One of our core-competences is the development of high-performance solutions on modern GPUs and multi-GPU architectures using CUDA and OpenCL. We also develop distributed computing solutions on computer clusters.