MIRAN is a an ongoing project developed by NE Scientific and sponsored by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Manchester, UK. The goal of the project is to provide a software environment for the segmentation of medical images and for producing finite element meshes from the segmented features. MIRAN will be used as a tool for producing anatomical models for application in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), though many functions are general and a wider use of MIRAN, outside of EIT, is anticipated. In general MIRAN permits to build finite element models from CT/MRI images of the body.

MIRAN comes in two flavors: a scripting Python library (based on C++ high-performance classes) and a graphical application, which is build on top of the scripting library using PyQt.

MIRAN Screenshot

MIRAN Graphical User Environment

The MIRAN library / application offers support for:

  • Loading medical images in DICOM format.
  • Segmenting medical images with Level Sets (e.g. extracting the body surface and some internal organs).
  • Adding surface patches to the body surface, allowing simulation of electrodes.
  • Producing volume meshes conforming to the extracted body surface and extracted internal organs.

MIRAN Workflow: please follow the link to see an exciting example of MIRAN in use, demonstrating how to go from a CT image to an anatomical finite element mesh of the thorax.

MIRAN will be available as an open source project, free for non-commercial use. The Python scripting version of the library will be released first and will be available in summer 2016. As soon as the library is ready we will post a notice on this page with download instructions.